Our mission is supported solely through the gifts and contributions of Churches and friends like you who are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the whole world. We have no products to sell but we do have something to give -- the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus said to "go into all the world" and daily radio broadcasting in many languages is one way to fulfill His Great Commission. 

We know you won't choose to give just because we are a tax-exempt organization, but that benefit has been granted by the I.R.S. to encourage support for Christian ministry like ours. Good stewardship would seem to include taking advantage of every tax-reducing opportunity available.

Contact us for more information on other giving options such as: 

MATCHING FUNDS. A woman called recently for information because she knew her husband's employer would double the value of their gift. We were pleased to send what she needed. If employed you might like to check into this option. 

BEQUESTS. When our time on earth ends it is a comfort to know that some of what we leave behind will be used to share the message of Christ for countless years to come. This is possible through a properly-executed will containing your bequest.

PLANNED GIVING. This option can include such things as a trust or insurance policy -- with all or some of the proceeds going to preach the gospel.


SECURITIES. Giving either appreciated or unappreciated stock can also benefit your financial plan, and assist ministries like ours.