Dennis Okoth and Bill talk over using radio in Uganda.

Dennis Okoth and Bill talk over using radio in Uganda.

Bill Mcclure

If you label me  as a Christian broadcaster, you are paying me the highest of compliments. Two things I most want to accomplish with the time God allows me on this earth: to be a faithful, effective witness for Jesus and to be involved in Christian broadcasting. 

I've been in ministry since High School in Southern California (more years ago than I want to admit) and I've been involved in radio almost as long. Through the years, I've served some wonderful churches as minister - with two different Christian organizations and a radio station or two. Have I made mistakes along the way? Absolutely. But, I would like to think each ministry or employer was better off for our experience together. I know I learned a great deal. One of the wisest things I ever did was to marry Lorene Risner of Murfreesboro, Arkansas, when we were in college. We have raised four fine sons who have given us wonderful daughters-in-law and grandchildren. God is good! 

I have done some television work and in radio commercials and audio narrations and voice-overs. Currently I produce The Christians Hour broadcast and a two-minute daily feature called UPLIFT (samples available). My wife and I have worked with this mission since 1978, and hope to continue to do so in the future. Welcome to our web site. If nothing else, I hope you find it interesting, truthful and uplifting. God bless you.

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